Gas leak

Gas leak

Gas leak






What do a sulfur-like smell, a whistling sound and discolored plants have in common?  They are all possible signs of a natural gas leak.  Know how to detect a possible leak so you can ensure the safety of you and your family.

*A natural gas leak emits a foul odor similar to sulfur or rotten eggs.  If the odor is strong, make sure everyone gets out of the house as quickly as possible.

*A whistling or hissing sound outside lets you know there could be a gas leak.

*Discolored plants, bubbling water or blowing dust are also signs of a leak in your pipeline.

If you discover or suspect a leak:

  1. Do not use a phone (even a cellphone).  Do not unplug anything.  Do not touch any electrical switches.  Do not start a car.
  2. Go to a neighbors to call LG&E at (502) 589-1444 and then press 1-1-1.

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