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At LG&E, we’re dedicated to providing you with safe and reliable power, but we need your help when damage occurs that causes you to lose power. We count on you to make the necessary repairs to any customer-owned electrical equipment so we can restore your power as quickly and safely as possible. If you have overhead electrical service, the diagram to the left illustrates the parts of the electric service that are considered your responsibility as well as those that are our responsibility.

Customer responsibility

Contact a licensed electrician to repair these areas.

  1. Weatherhead/masthead. The vertical pipe-like structure attached to the top of the meter box.
  2. Meter base, which is the box, meter socket and any wiring inside the box.
  3. Items or cables that secure the masthead and/or box to your home.
  4. Attachment point (eyebolt, etc.) that secures the electric service drop.

LG&E responsibility

If you find damage to any of the following areas, call us and we will make the repairs.

  1. Electric distribution poles.
  2. Transformers.
  3. Electric lines within the right-of-way.
  4. Service drop. This is the cable that runs from the utility pole to your home.
  5. Meter (glass-enclosed


you are required to notify LG&E if you have installed or plan to install a generator that runs on natural gas for use during an electric power outage? Doing so will help us to provide an adequate supply of natural gas to serve you when you need your natural gas-fired generator. Contact our Customer Service Department for additional information or to notify us of your current and future plans for a natural gas generator.